‘k’ is for kai

i am from alaska. i’m a die hard seattle sports fan. i work on movies but always find time to chase v around our kitchen. i bake bread because i believe in the community it creates and i love working with my hands. if I’m not in the bakery you can find me on set or wherever there is snow.

​’&’ is for cael

our new zealander chef extraordinaire…he makes all the delicious menus for toast & sandwiches & quiches & catering events…he’s pretty awesome.

‘v’ is for venti

i am from bulgaria. l lived in england for many many years. i worked on movies for many many years. now i bake because bread is the best thing in the entire world, apart from traveling while eating bread or biking to a bakery, or our pets baz, lance & louie.


kandvstairsstuffventi_kandvbake*we have a thing for bikes & coffee & beer​​ & manhattans & manhattan & skiing & bread…obviously.*